WARNING - Midlife Crisis Ahead

I am getting close to another birthday, and this one is a big one. I am turning 40. I started thinking about turning forty about a day after I turned 39. For some reason, I could not wrap my head around it. How the hell could I be turning 40? Where has my life gone? What have I done with it? Am I at the start of a mid-life crisis? 

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Would you work for you?

Recently I have been reflecting on some of the fantastic work experiences I have had over the past 20 something years. Being in my late 30’s I have realized that I get to look at things from an interesting perspective. I am not fresh out of college and getting my first “real job” guy, nor do I have 4 decades of experiences and history that my friends who have begun to talk about retirement have. I land somewhere in the middle. 

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Up in smoke

When I was growing up it seemed cool to smoke...we are talking about cigarettes. The badasses smoked. The rebels burned. And, a lot of my friends smoked. I never wanted to try smoking. In fact, I spent years saying I would never pick it up, my father died of lung cancer and I did not want to repeat his death with my own. But, life is funny, and sometimes we end up doing the things we swear we never will. 

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Fear mongering continues on Fox. The war on Christianity is the real "fake news."

n a recent opinion piece posted on Fox News, political columnist Douglas MacKinnon shared his opinion regarding what he calls the “…plight of the Christian faith in America…”

MacKinnon argues that Christian universities, christian groups, and churches are currently being, or would be, targets by anti-Christian protestors. Sending out a dire warning suggesting that sometime in the future Christians would have to meet in secret. 

From my perspective it is not the Christian faith being targeted. Belief in an omnipotent God, or gods, have been around since recorded history. What is under attack, and what is being protested, are the political actions that some Christians take attempting to force their beliefs and values onto those who think, feel and believe differently. 

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Its 4/20

Today is April 20th. lovingly referred to as 4/20 by some of the population (wink wink). More importantly, it is also Earth Day. Yes folks. Today is the one day a year we are all supposed to stop and reflect on the fact that this is the only planet we have, and all the ways we are screwing it up. 

Before you click away, I want to say I am A) not a "tree-hugger" and B) I am an actual human who lives on this planet. As such, I feel I also have to take responsibility for my actions and do my part to keep the Earth a livable space for the next generation. I try to live every day as an Earth Day. If you are new to the whole climate change thing that scientists and 99% of the people on the planet agree is happening, I want to give you a few small things you can do to make sure your children and grand-children don't have to wear gas masks or live in a pod. 

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Enough is Enough

For years I have watched the political arena in the United States. Sometimes cheering, sometimes feeling hopeful, and sometimes feeling as though we have no hope at all. The recent tragic and preventable shooting that occurred just up the road at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month has led me past the line of being able to remain silent on my views of what is happening in our Nation. 

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