I know "what's next"

When I was 18 and a freshman in college I experienced my first “coffee house.” Hey, don’t laugh or judge! I grew up in rural West Virginia where coffee wasn’t necessarily celebrated. Starbucks was just becoming a thing, Dunkin’ Donuts was still a place for donuts, and coffee houses - well I didn’t know they were a thing.

I fell in love with the idea of a shop that sells nothing but coffee and tea. I mean, my favorite drink, art on the walls, funky music playing, and some of the coolest people I had ever met all mashed up and building relationships. It changed the way I thought about coffee. It changed the way I thought about a lot of things, actually. Since then I have held a secret desire to open a coffee shop. Have local artists displaying their work on the walls, jazz musicians on Saturday nights, and just a damn cool place to chill for an hour, or to grab your new favorite drink on your way to work.

We all have those passing fancies at times. This one I have not been able to shake, though. It honestly makes a lot of sense for me. I have the management experience, I have the passion for coffee, art, and music, I have an excellent taste for yummy pastries. So, I am going to do it.

You heard it here from me. The Three Dogs Café is going to be a thing.