The adventure begins!

For years I have wondered what it would be like to be self-employed. To build a business and grow a business of my own. After decades of wondering I am happy to say that I have taken those first steps. I have passed the Florida real estate sales associate exam and have hung my own shingle under Mr. John Castelli of Castelli Real Estate Services in Wilton Manors, Florida.

Getting a real estate license is on the first step in this process, and as I am learning, it was the easiest. Post test a new agent must find a broker to work with (in Florida, you must be a sales associate for 2 years before you can become a broker). There are phone calls and interviews, but it’s you interviewing the Broker as they try to sell you on why their brokerage is better. Why? The more successful agents, the more profitable the brokerage.

Once you have decided on the brokerage there are are other considerations and expenses that you need to be ready for.

  • Headshots - needed for business cards, website, social media, and various marketing efforts

  • Additional car insurance - Some brokers require an increase in car insurance coverage which means a higher monthly premium

  • Business card - you have the headshots, now you need the actual business card!

  • CRM tool - Customer Relationship Management software, it is important to easily and effectively track all of your leads and clients and to easily nurture and grow the relationship. Most brokers provide a tool (for a fee), or you can find various CRM’s with a quick search of the internet,

  • Professional Associations and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR®, but professional associations have their benefits and it is something to consider. You will need access to your local MLS so you can share and find listings for your future clients

All of this expense and you have yet to shake a hand! You also have a lot of learning to do. The license class you just took are just about the laws governing the real estate process, not how to actually build a successful business, and you are your own business, so the first month(s) will most likely be spent learning how to sell real estate. The broker you choose will (hopefully) have a training plan and the resources to get you started.

I am very excited to have this opportunity to build something. I will keep everyone posted as I begin the journey. In the meantime, check out amazing South Florida Properties here!