Happy? I absolutely am

I have been working harder for the past month than I have in decades, and I am loving it!

Take your first step today. Make your plan and go!

Take your first step today. Make your plan and go!

After years of wishing I was doing something more with my life, taking action and actually working towards those goals is an amazing feeling. There is something about knowing that every action I take is for my business, my brand, and my future. Suddenly, the sporadic decisions that I used to make have become more thought out and purposeful. Suddenly, the person I envisioned myself becoming is emerging from the shadows.

I thought of a quote just now, something along the lines of, ‘change is easy, it is resistance to change that creates difficulty,’ something to that effect, but there is a hint of truth in those words. For years I have resisted following my heart and doing something that I felt passionate about. I don’t know what the fear was, but it was indeed fear that prevented me from taking a step towards success. What I have found is now that I have taken the first step, the subsequent steps have becoming easier.

I was speaking with my peer at my regular hourly job tonight and I realized that I have gone into this change with an understanding that it is not an episode of “Millionaire Listing.” Building a successful real estate business takes months and years of leg-work, but I am excited to do it. The thought of knocking on doors to sell myself isn’t scary, it’s exhilarating! I know that doesn’t sound like me at all, but I’m not doing it on behalf of someone else and that makes all the difference in the world.

I always try to have a message, and today is no different. As scary as it can be to take the first step towards your passion, take it. Do it for yourself, you deserve nothing less than to give yourself a chance at reaching your full potential. I am on the road to becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and for the first time in more than a decade I am happy with the direction things are going.

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