Telling my secret

I have always been a theory kind of a person. What do I mean by that? Well, I educate the hell out of myself on a thing (sometimes involving college degrees), but somehow never seem to put any of that education into practice. I am finally in a place in life that I actually have to come out of my comfort zone and start doing, and holy crap, it has brought a new kind of anxiety into my life. Er, it is actually forcing me to do what is necessary to overcome the anxiety.

A few years ago I decided to get my real estate license (again) here in Florida. I had been putting it off for more than a decade, and finally I decided to just do it. Bing-bang-boom a month later I pass the State license exam and become licensed to practice real estate in Florida. 

Even if you have to tell you secret via a hastily written blog post, get it out there, let it go, and move beyond.

So, here I am ready to go into business for myself. In my mind (and on paper) I have created a solid business plan, including anticipated growth, what it takes to get there, and ultimately hiring agents to work for me. I imagine us to be constantly doing things the “right” way. No dirty dealing. Mentoring new agents so they do not feel frustrated and building a business based on honesty, integrity, and creating the best experiences possible for buyer, sellers, and renters. I also know what it takes to do that. I know how to generate the leads, I have the resources to manage those leads, keep them updated and ultimately turn a percentage of them into active clients and customers, or to at least be able to count on some referral business from them. 

The problem? Sometimes there is just something in me that will not let me pick up the phone and make the calls. Is it fear of sounding dumb? Is it fear of success? I honestly could not tell you, but there has never been more truth in the saying, “you are the only person holding you back from success.” 

This “fear” is nothing new to my life, it is only that it is now manifesting itself in a way which prevents me from achieving success. It used to just keep me from the gym, or from playing sports, now it has focused its beady little eyes on the one thing I have dreamed of doing for my entire life, being a successful businessman. So, it is now that I must release this unnecessary and unfounded fear. Putting it out here in the public sphere is how I do that. I am giving the power it has over me away every time this post is read. So, thank you for reading. 

Maybe you think I am nuts, and there may be a little truth to that, but I also know that I have been keeping this fear a secret for a very long time. Telling everyone about it is how I let it go. Because there is no cause for this unrealistic fear. Mistakes will happen, and I may very well fail, but to not have given it my all because I was too afraid to try is not an acceptable path… not anymore. 

So, I leave you today with this, be ok to tell your secrets, they are what ultimately define you. When you share them, you give away their power and find freedom. I am afraid of everyone I meet and I am afraid of looking unintelligent, uneducated ,and of embarrassing myself, now that you know, I don’t need to be afraid anymore. 

Even if you have to tell you secret via a hastily written blog post, get it out there, let it go, and move beyond.